the Terraces

“Extra Time” is the new six song offering from The Terraces. Following on from their impressive debut “Union”, these guys have stepped it up a gear and delivered six varied, classic cuts.

“Britannia” opens with the sound of a working factory in the background. It’s a patriotic, vitriolic song with an anthem-like sound to it, and tells the story of a failing industry letting its people down. “Who You Looking At” (a phrase we’ve all used at least once in our lives!) has a “glammy” intro and snarly, throaty vocal. It’s an ode to life in general and has a great middle eight. One can imagine this working well live in an arena, thanks to its “jumpy” beat. “Billy” begins with some chiming guitars, accompanied by some hard Punk drumming; another story-telling song about life. Quite clearly the cleanest sounding song on here, it is reminiscent of New Wave under-achievers The Members.

the Terraces

Now, when a band take on a track from Punk “royalty” and try to do it justice, it doesn’t always work. In the case of The Terraces taking on The Clash’s “Complete Control” there’s a rare exception. It has all the power and pomp of the original, with an extra dollop of swagger, courtesy of Gary (Buckley)’s strong vocals. The promo video itself features none other than one-time Clash guitarist Nick Sheppard! “Care About Nothing” once again goes down the route of life experiences; possibly autobiographical, it is a tale of love and loss. It’s that classic story of appreciation (or the lack of it)! The vocals at the end are delivered with real spite – the voice of an angry man. “The Hustler” closes this quite excellent six-tracker with some classic “old school” Punk guitar, bass and drums. Once again there’s an anthem feel to the song. “The Hustler, down on his luck, he’s been round the world, he’s loved all the girls…” it’s a well told story – we all know a Hustler!

Given the evidence, the trajectory of this band is fast-rising. More of the same please, chaps!

Band Members
Gary Buckley-vox
Dean Tsolondres-guitar/vox
Stephen ‘kingy’ King-bass
Henry Hollingsworth-drums

Who You Looking At
Complete Control (Clash cover)
Care About Nothing
The Hustler


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Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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