Fuckface Unstoppable

Pump action radio start things off with their upbeat Green Day inspired pop punk. They are always good for a bit of light hearted jumping around. They were particularly good on the night and delivered a tight set that had everyone nodding their heads in appreciation.

Pump Action radio
Pump Action radio 12345

In the Hills rip the unholy fuck out of the place. Those who haven’t heard ITH before stand gobsmacked before the tornado of Doom-riffery unleashed before them. They are eminently suited to a big venue such as this and have the crowd eating out of their hand before the second song is done. Expect big things from these guys!

In The Hills
In The Hills 12345678

Fuckface Unstoppable are Bam Margera’s (of MTVs Jackass, and erstwhile skateboarder) spin-off band from his other band CKY. They promote themselves as a “Punk Rock” act but I think you will have to take that with a pinch of salt, unless you think Punk is drunkenly shouting other bands songs out whilst falling flat on your arse.

Fuckface Unstoppable

Fuckface Unstoppable 1234567891011

I counted two original songs, the rest were covers, albeit of some killer bands (Clutch and Turbonegro mainly) and one from CKY. So the whole thing smacked of a minor celebrity using his influence to put on a jolly for some mates; or an excuse to tour a show with very little content, just to get drunk and stoned.

A minor bugbear also was that they had a videographer who was on the stage ALL the time, jamming the camera right in the bands faces and generally very distracting! As you can gather I wasn’t too impressed with the music side of things from a photographers point of view it was great – check out the pics!

Set List
Intro: In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
Earth Rocker (Clutch cover)
The House That Peter built (Clutch cover)
All My Friends Are Dead (Turbonegro cover)
Little Dick, Little Dick
Moonshine (cover)
Big News I (Clutch cover)
Big News II (Clutch cover)
Bend My Dick
The Ballad of Chasey Lain (Bloodhound Gang cover)
Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks (Clutch cover)
The Tweaker (Moistboyz cover)

Words and Pictures by Dan O’Gara.

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