The Rocketz

All the way from the West Coast of the Good ol’ US of A comes this slab of Punk-fuelled Rockabilly.

Deep fast vocals – a beat to match, with that unmistakable clicking of the sticks and the thumping bass. With a sound that lives somewhere between Rockabilly and Psychobilly. What’s not to like about this?

From the opener; the title track “California Hell”, what you get is an old school onslaught that keeps your blood pumping, with your feet tapping, and head banging. With a variety of horror themes throughout the album (I particularly like the title “Bob’s A Zombie!”), which is a staple for Psychobilly.

The Rocketz

Slower paced “Bob’s A Zombie” captures this genre so well, especially the closing drawl of “Brainsssss”. While “Black Ice” has a pure punk attitude with it’s snappy drum beat and guitar riff, as the chorus is spat at the listener contrasting against the verses as the track descends into a frenetic outburst for the chorus. “Pretty F@#$d Up” starts as fairly staple pop-punk fare, guitar backdrop, gentle vocals, simple drums. “Curtain of Lies” however slows things up a smudge, again with the electric guitar giving an easy going electric riff, whilst the sticks and bass underpin the track. Closing with the catchy “Punk Rock Love Song” it is hard not to hit repeat, and go through the whole thing again and again.

The Rocketz

Now Rockabilly/Psychobilly is not to everyones taste, but there are some cracking tracks, (not to mention easily accessible) in here that will no doubt capture the attention of a lot of people. This is their 3rd album, and certainly shows that they have a lot more in them, and I expect they will be kept bust over Halloween. At times they seem a little restrained compared to other Rockabilly/Psychobilly acts, making the album almost “family friendly” (I am not including “Pretty F@#$d Up” in that comment!). But even though they feel restrained in places the album has a clean cut sound, and their outlook is refreshing for this genre (the songs aren’t all horror story!). I have no idea what their live shows are like, but I can only imagine they are one great party!

Line Up
Tony Slash – Guitar and Vocals
Anthony Drinkwater – Drums
Nick “Chango” Anchondo – Slap Bass

California Hell
Bob’s A Zombie
Black Ice
Pretty F@#$’d Up
Transylvania Express
Curtain Of Lies
Before The Night
Was A Time
Stand Tall And Proud
I’m Coming Home
Punk Rock Love Song


Words by Jon.

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