This album is one that has been out for quite a while now, but I really think it is our duty to bring it to the attention of our readers.

Pachango was founded by the brilliant Colombian drummer Julian Leon, who gathered a family of musicians to create a distinctive sound with influences from the four corners of the globe. The band features people of many nationalities, all bringing their own unique style to an ever evolving band that continue to push the world music boundaries. “Pachango” comes from the Spanish word Pa meaning “dedicated to” and Chango being the African God of Thunder, drums and dance. The band use a whole host of tradional instruments and also have a very competent brass/wind section including saxaphone, trumpet, flute and Piccolo. There is also Selby who expertly raps with his softly spoken tone, this is coupled with the beautiful Hispanic vocals of Claudia. They combine Latino Ska, Gypsy Punk, Afro-beat, Reggae and Mambo grooves within their songs to create a really happy sound that just makes you want to dance, making them a perfect Festival band.


The ten track album features many highlights including the piccolo lead “The Warrior”, the joyous extremely danceable “Of The Night” and the infectious “Pachangon” with the sultry smouldering vocals of Claudia. The songs all have the ability to bring sunshine and hope into the life of the listener. If world music is not your thing, just give their music a chance as like me I was sceptical as I have not really listened seriously to music like this before. After seeing the band live they give you a really uplifting feeling and send out lots of positive love into their audiences. If you are just feeling down just putting the album on gives a little hope and brings some elation. So what I’m saying is you all need a little or a lot of Pachango in your life. If you get the chance get yourself along to one of their legendary shows at Chaplin’s, Cellar Bar, they are always packed and are always momentous occasions.

Line Up
Joseph Selby – Rapper/Mc
Claudia Wilches – Vocals
James Maidment – Electric Guitar
Will Sharpe – Acoustic Guitar
Lee Hammond – Bass Player
Luis Gutierrez – Percussion
Roland Horton – Tenor Sax/Flute/Piccolo
Helen Kirby – Alto Sax
Sarah Kinsela – Trumpet
Julian Leon – Drums

The Beast In Me
Of The Night
Chicken and Dancing
Things Will Be Differenet In Vancouver
Bueno Para Mi
Pa La Calle
For Daniel
The Warrior
Soft Scoop

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