The Anvil, Bournemouth


Hell Yeah! I was waiting for this gig for ages, Texan Hard Rockers Honky returning to the Anvil. The chance to wear my battered straw cowboy hat out and not look too stupid, as the main band where wearing Stetsons. Plus it came in the middle of Movember so I had a semi-decent ‘tash on my face. I still looked stupid though – oh well.

Brighton Sludge punks Electro Mud opened up the event. A strange choice on the bill, in my opinion, Progressive punk adding swirls of free-form Jazz with sludgy overtones. They sounded good though and I would like to catch them on a more Punk orientated bill.

Electro Mud

Electro Mud 12345

Desert Storm from Oxford was up next and anyone seeing these guys live for the first time was in for a treat. Their whole style of stoner groove rock had everyone nodding and banging their heads to the beat. Every time I see them they seem to have upped their game and added an extra dimension to their music, musically they were as tight as a Nunís pussy. Blistering solos with whiskey drenched vocals make them one of the best bands on the tour grid at the moment. I recommend you catch them live next time they are in town.

Desert Storm
Desert Storm 12345678910

Honky hit the stage with a barrage of banter “We ain’t playing til we git some booze!” Once the Jagermeister is consumed they kick off the first night of their UK tour. Sounding like an ultimate cage fighting bout between ZZ Top and Motorhead with Ted Nugent as referee, the trio from Austin, Texas barrel through their set, churning out riff after, shit-kicking riff. As the drink kept flowing so did the tunes and soon everyone was rockiní out big time. Even though the sound was a bit muddy and a few notes were missed due to the liquid refreshment, the show went down a treat with the audience. They covered the Pat Travers hit ëSnorting Whiskeyí I couldnít think of a better song to finish the night off with. Well worth the wait and hopefully they’ll be back real soon y’all.

Honky 12345678

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Words and Photos: Dan “The Man” O’Gara

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