Above The Underground

In a world infested with carbon copies, it’s always refreshing to discover a pop punk outfit whose quality shines out as inventive rather than predictable.

Above The Underground are no spring chickens in their genre, as the ambitious four piece have have played over three hundred shows in four years, including three UK tours and a sixty show, two month tour of the United States.

Although the album hardly seeps originality, “Sonder” immediately earns its place amongst the great pop punk releases of the past through the emphatic single “Return To Point Pleasant”, which showcases front man, Will Kirkman’s forceful vocal attack and ATU’s ability to create infectious melodies. Throughout the record, the outfit display a polished, uplifting and confident display, fuelled by accomplished song-writing and a generally euphoric delivery. Their post-hardcore undertones lightly tinge their sound to allow intelligent transitions between darker melodies and pulsating choruses, such as during “I Was Never Lost”. Even quick-fire acoustic track, “Shine” delivers a brief moment of sweet emotion and instrumental beauty, rather than reeking of foreseeable, petty superficiality.

Above The Underground

Above The Underground can best be described as what A Day to Remember might sound like if they’d never felt angry in their lives. Although at times their sound could benefit from bringing out the darker elements, it would be unnecessary to tamper with the winning formula which “Sonder” possesses. Once this album is unleashed to the world, I expect to see this band soaring in the near future with all guns blazing.

“Sonder” is released 17th February, pre-order now.

Track Listing
Return To Point Pleasant
Lavender Town Syndrome
I Was Never Lost
Cheer Up
Not Home
Bring Me The Sun


Words by George Fullerton .

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