On The Open Road

Bursting out of Nottinghamshire comes the four-piece ‘On The Open Road’ with their EP. Blending hard-hitting sound with a barrage of drum work they holler out “Our story will be told!” at the end of the intro “Chump!”.

Flowing straight into “No Rush”; a fully powerful track maintaining the rapid burst drum work, supported by catchy guitar riffs. This foursome are intent on not taking any prisoners with their edgy sound. This all builds up to “Smooth Sailing Is A Fool’s Thought”; a heavy sounding track as it opens, but is tamed with Toms vocals as the guitars furiously drag you in. The track employs a more shouty vocal in places to offset the clean vocals.

“Rainy Days” sees a faster vocal delivery and while keeping the power of the prior tracks, this one contains a little more venom as the recipient of the song is told they will be going back to hell. And while this all sounds a smidge grim, it is bundled up with the infectious guitar work that permeates through this EP.

Closing off proceedings in “This Is Goodbye (I tried)”, possibly a fitting close to the EP. The track brings all the best elements of the EP to a close; from the drum work to the catchy guitar riffs, and Tom’s vocals.

On The Open Road

This EP forges some hard-hitting drum work with infectious guitars, and carefully delivered vocals. Merging a rock vibe to their sound, they pull it into the pop/punk arena with the vocal and punchy rhythms. While entering a genre awash with many bands and variants, these guys should be able to stand tall this coming year!

The EP was released on February 26th.

Line Up
Tom Hawk – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jack Dutton – Lead Guitar & backing Vocals
Dan Abey – Bass
Ollie Green Drums

Track Listing
No Rush
Smooth Sailing Is A Fool’s Thought
Regret Me Not
Rainy Days
This Is Goodbye (I Tried)
The Worst Guy (feat. Adam Connor)


Words by Jon.

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