Now this was a little unexpected. There is a number in the name, so I was expecting something a little industrial, possibly EBM. Maybe FLA, ‘242. Nope. Nothing of the sort…

This album was born from the desire to do it their own way, to craft a song and bypass starting a band. Sounds like a tall requirement. It is, to use their words; “radio friendly guitar rock, understated electro, and classic melodic pop”. Now if someone told me that before I had listened to them then I would have not battered an eyelid and would have probably ignored the CD. As ever, I am glad that I didn’t…

It’s a built of a guilty pleasure, but I like a bit of radio friendly rock, makes a great change at times. But it is not until you realise the presence of the electro element that things start dropping into place. There is a lot going on here, the sounds are layered.


From the powerful opening of “Lovers & Fire”, it becomes clear that the electro element sits perfectly with the riffs and rhythm, blending together into something special. “Please” slows up the tempo, and the complexity, stripping back, and then slowly building it back up as the percussion grows, and the keys delicate add to the melody.

“Say You Will” possesses a Chris Rea feel to the vocals, added to by the car reference! Opening with synth backdrop, the piano pulls you in with it’s gentle delivery. The calm vocals mean that this track just washes over you.

“Louder” takes on a different stance, the guitars having a stronger edge, the vocals also seem more edgy, and the tempo is upped. Then the chorus kicks in with an energy that changes proceedings. While “Louder” opens with what sounds like a theramin, you might think you are going to keep in that gentle vibe, this is soon shattered as the synth melodies take you with the tempo, and the vocals hook you in, although not necessarily the strongest track on the album, it is one that grabs your attention. Closing the album is “Save Me” which packs a powerful punch, pulling in guitars, rhythm, and strong vocals.

With the high production values of Yoad Nevo, nothing has been spared and it shows as the sound just washes over you and gets the pulse thumping. Throughout there is always a slight feeling of the 80’s, a little U2, a little Chris Rea, to name but a few – but this is no retro tribute. It is a strong body of work more than capable of standing it’s own ground, and for those moments when I don’t want something loud hammering at my ear drums this will be a perfect soundtrack for those moments.

“Voice Of A Lifetime” is available on iTunes.

Line Up
Bonefish – Vocals, keyboards, loops, bass and guitars.
Ed Winson – Electric guitars, keyboards, bass, vocals, riffs & licks.

Track Listing
Lovers 7 Fire
We Are Heroes
Say you Will
Moment In The Rain
Move Over
Save Me


Words by Jon.

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