Dead Winter

I have to admit, I’m fascinated by Dead Winter.

The first and second time I listened to the “Erasing Glaciers” EP, I didn’t like it. By the third listen it was really starting to grow on me. The north-western, metalcore six-piece have been around since 2011 and they have over 1,700 fans on Facebook.

From what I can gather, they released four tracks of this EP back in 2012, but have recorded two extra tracks and re-released it. I advise you to download it immediately; it’s hard as nails and twice as sharp.

“Bribe for the Ferryman” kicks off with a big instrumental and some first class screaming. It wasn’t until my fourth or fifth listen (and some online research) that I realised that the person doing the screaming is a girl. Not that it matters, or it shouldn’t matter, anyway. But Laura has first-class screaming ability. I would go so far as to say I prefer her vocals on some tracks to the actual singing of her colleague Ant, no offence intended, obviously. I just can’t believe her voice – as someone that can’t do anything with my own voice, I am always in awe of anyone that can produce that sort of sound, let alone a girl. “Bribe…” is a stonking metal track, the perfect opener to the EP.

I’m not overly enamoured with second song “Snakebites and Streetfights”, purely because I’m not keen on the vocals, however there is some solid musicianship running through all of these songs and this one is no exception.

Track 3 “Every Silver Lining has a Cloud” starts off with some menacing chords, but then it kicks you straight in the teeth with a heavy riff and some primal screaming. All of the voice work on this track is good and it’s become an instant favourite of mine.

“Erasing Glaciers”, in my humble opinion, is the best track. I love the lyrics and it grinds along with some great vocals (cleans and screams) and frankly made me want to chuck something through the nearest window. I like the way it ends, simply, with minimal instruments and the repetition of the words, “We all get to live, we all have to die … see you again on the other side”.

Dead Winter

“You’re Not The Only One” is a great track and “Survival” is also stand-out. I’ve now listened to this EP about twenty times and I actually really like it. What Dead Winter are doing is not a new concept, it’s been done before, and I’m sure some will say that others do it better. What you cannot fault is their passion for the music; it shines through and it’s obvious that they’re doing something they love. The band is solid, with some great guitar, bass and drum work. The vocalists are both strong, but Laura’s voice is superb for this type of music.

Dead Winter

Sadly, Dead Winter don’t have any upcoming tour dates, but if and when they do announce any forthcoming gigs, I would strongly advise that this is a band not to be missed.


Words by Vikkie

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