Contintental Liaison

I didn’t get this to start with. A 6 track EP, but only two files supplied. Ummm? Then there’s the advert. Ummmm?

Then I played it again. And then a third time. Looked at the graphics supplied (duh), and the penny dropped!

Not only is their sound “anachronistic” (Post/Punk vs. Tubeway Army?), but this is almost two fingers to the norm for marketing – I am listening to a tape, albeit through iTunes! Once I got hit round the head by the mindset it all made sense, and then I somehow slid into the tape with ease. “8” has more of a Joy Division feel, based solely on the vocal delivery. While initially, the distorted guitars remain in check until the chorus. While “Coin Op” takes on a different feel as the vocals get processed to feel more distant, or even slightly machine-like.

Disaffected vocals, almost droning, the slight echo in places, the old school synth work, slightly distorted, the obvious drum machine, the inclusion of what sounds like feedback. I am almost left thinking about Travelogue from way back when.

Contintental Liaison

Even with the old school feel to the sound, they somehow manage to keep it fresh; especially shown by the more upbeat tempo of “Stereo 36 Ltd.”. This is possibly the most accessible track on the album, and possibly a live favourite.

Closing the tape is “Secession”; with the fuzz turned up it almost seems hard to pull out the vocals, but again it all flows. There is a slightly darker vibe here.

The problem is that I am hooked on it! Maybe being sat at a desk most days means its Electronic vibe just fits in with my day to day. But either way I am hooked on it!

…and being a Tape I do not have to hit rewind…just flip the tape and hit play…

Track Listing
Side A

Side B
Stereo 36 Ltd.
Secession (Nouveau Dub)


Words by Jon “Department of Late Reviews”.

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