Second rate Angels

Hitting the scene back in 2011, Second Rate Angels merge good old Metal with some of it’s more recent incarnations in the form of Heavy Metal and Metalcore. Giving a sound which is more accessible than some these days “Give It A Name” hits you straight between the eyes. Just showing you that these guys are not messing around, “Dragged Out” starts with a softer more inviting opening which soon opens up to some strong riffage; as the tempo ups and the guitars propel you forward. With some great vocal harmonies playing off the guitar work, the track has a great Metal vibe. At times I felt a slight Metallica vibe, but that might just be me.

“The Lost Days” opens up slightly differently with more of a scattergun feel to the opening and the drums and guitars punch at you in quick succession; soon subsiding into hooks and riffage, while maintaining that barrage of percussion.

Second rate Angels

“Black Ice” with the catchy lyric, no doubt one for the audience; ‘Blind spots, hit the blind spots, do it again’. There is not much more to say, but this track encompasses all that came before it-tremendous guitar work, the shotgun percussion from the previous track, with the addition of those catchy lyrics.

I really liked this EP, and having nailed performances at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival these guys are building a strong fan base for good reason. They have a tight sound, tremendous riffage and catchy melodies; along with an attitude and aptitude to keep their audience focused on them.

Line Up

Dave Gobran – Lead Vocals/Bass
Chris Lewis – Guitar
Matt Clark – Guitar
Andy Doran – Drums.

Track Listing
Give It A Name
Dragged Out
The Lost Days
Black Ice


Words by Jon.

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