Bee Meru

It is always sad when things come to an end and with Dorset band Saturday Sun; who were later named AthousandFurs, things came to an abrupt halt recently when they decided for various reasons to split up. The experimental band kept pushing the boundaries to create inspiring original music that was making waves within the music industry. The band, all highly skilled musicians worked tirelessly making music in a coastal village on the isle of Purbeck.

Thankfully the bands legacy continues with guitarist Billy Merrick under the name of “Bee Meru”. Billy is working here with many of the musicians from “Saturday Sun” on his first solo project. The EP was all recorded in an abandoned Grammar School in Swanage, which created a perfect ambience and atmosphere that Billy and his fellow musicians needed to make their music.

The EP is a 6 track affair called “A Hand Shake with Who”. A recording that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. A gentle meander through sound, shaping effect-laden guitars; pure softly delivered enchanting vocals, with a mix of well-created percussion. This recording shows Billy as a musician in his own right, coming out of the shadow of ex band-mate Alex Hedley showing the world what a fine talent he has.

Kicking off with “A Maya Calling”; it is initially an acoustic affair that gently potters along with perfectly matched vocals, before a big electric guitar ending that features some quality e-bow work. “Giant in this Life” features some really haunting vocals with some intricately played acoustic guitar, before once again switching to electric guitar for a big powerful ending. “Paraphrasing Prophecies” is one of the standout tracks of this collection; with some absolutely stunning guitar melodies, coupled with some welcome Violin.

“Pass on through” and “Post Bop” are a sort 90’s shoegaze for the modern age, reminding me of bands such as Slowdive and Chapterhouse; who also both created sounds like this using guitars and percussions, to create epic audio patterns. The EP comes to a close with the strangely named “When I Was A Hedge” and this tune brings in some beautiful piano work to combine with the ever present guitars. Here we have some music that is certainly the morning after hangover from the Saturday Sun sessions, the changes though are really positive and certainly show moving on can bring its rewards.

Track Listing
A Maya Calling
Giant, in this life
Paraphrasing Prophecies
Pass On Through
Post Bop
When I was a Hedge

Song Credits
Allan “Ghengi” Varnfield – Drums (1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Alec “Rover 2k” Harrison – Bass (1, 3, 4, 5)
Tobias “Baines” Fitton – Bass (6)
Alex “Boo Big Gun” Hedley – Vox (2, 6)
Jack “Harmodessey” Cullimore – Strings (1, 3, 4)
Michael “Vibagrove” Alberry – Keys (4)
Anna “Anaine Banome” Merrick – Vox (1)


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