Kill The Colossi

Out of that hotbed of all things Punk at “NBQ Records” come another band on their roster Kill the Colossi. This trio, now trimmed down since singer Tyrone’s departure to sunnier climbs, release their debut LP upon us. “Herd Mentality” has all the usual ingredients that show a maturity in writing and some powerhouse musicianship.

It opens with “Outsiders”; an edgy, fast-paced and honest appraisal about outsider culture. Steve (drums) rat-a-tat drumming sits behind Adam’s scratchy guitars and honest vocal delivery. It begins all low tempo before exploding into life. The anthemic chorus then comes to the fore, but remains audible. Rowan’s (bass) also becomes more prominent now. Dual vocals compliment that chorus before giving way to a simple bridge. The more than amusing “la,la,la’s” section precedes a harder ending, where the chorus returns to its sharp ending. Title track “Herd Mentality” stays with the pace and in-yer-face, direct lyrics. More observations of life here and beyond the bridge it just gets faster. Thrashy guitars do battle with phrenetic drums on this all out musical assault – replete with customary cussing! I’m briefly reminded of American Hi-Fi and the overall USA Punk influence here.

“Another Bad Day” has a slight Skate/Punk influence with more strong, anthemic vocals and chunky guitars. If Green Day were to cover The Clash then they would (I feel) sound something like this. “Run for Cover” takes this collection down a completely different route with its overtly political slant. Acoustic-led with a vocal that never wavers. There’s a strong undercurrent lyrically of gun culture and it has barely started before it ends!

Kill The Colossi

“196 Walls” reverts back to their faster, furious output – drum ferocity is twinned with crunching guitars and the song overall has a somewhat military sound to it. Again a brief, fast-paced bridge takes the song to another abrupt ending. “Shotgun Shelly” I imagine is the story of a local working girl. Anthemic, amusing and a little sad lyrically; a true story about a local girl and her plight. It’s anthemic in the chorus, a definite singalong in the live arena and bounces along musically.

“Lions Roar” is a song of two halves. It begins lively enough with hard-edged guitars and some strong, echoey snare before that anthemic vocalising takes centre stage. A brief interlude then ensues before it returns with a classic Ska beat. Different, I give it that! “Fuck The Taxman” needs no introduction – the highlight of this collection (and recent single), a classic rant at “public enemy number one”. Both on record and live it’s a sentiment many will resonate with and sing aloud with gusto.

“What’s Punk” is another social awareness rant. Dark with a twisted guitar and menacing vocal. The drums are somewhat lighter as the guitar takes centre stage behind the brutally honest vocal. Parity returns toward the songs ending as it fades to nothing. “Better The Devil” completes this collection almost as it started – chunky guitars in the background on another (IMO) USA Punk-inspired song. Direct, anthemic vocals and a noodly bridge with the song getting faster towards its end.

As debut’s go Kill The Colossi have produced a rather fine body of work here. All the right influences – Ska/Skate/Punk to name three and some inspired lyrics. There must be something in the water down at NBQ headquarters as this conveyor belt just keeps on giving. If this is the start then they’ve set the bar high.

Kill The Colossi

Band members
Tyrone (Vocals/guitar)
Steve (Drums)
Rowan (Bass)
Adam (Guitar/vocals)

Track Listing
Herd Mentality
Another Bad Day
Run For Cover
196 Walls
Shotgun Shelly
Lions Roar
Fuck the Taxman
What’s Punk
Better the Devil



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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