Anger in music is something that is rarer than I’ve originally thought. Most genres don’t seem to cover it, which is difficult, when using music as an emotional medium. In layman’s terms, when you’re looking for that song that matches your mood, there are very slim pickings for “I’m really pissed off and I want to break something to music.” Now, in no way am I condoning violence, the point here is that listening to a good piece of angry music is healthy, in the right context.

Enter Atlases. Formed in 2013, this Berkshire born hardcore/metal band have stormed into the review box today, bearing a six song EP filled with fire and rage, entitled Upbringing. Track One, Betrayer, sets the entire tone of the album, showcasing fat, detuned guitar grooves accentuated by a brutal half-time beat. Vocalist Jack Parsons really takes the spotlight here, belting out some carnal screaming with some wonderfully hateful lyrics. Easy listening is a dirty word in Upbringing, and rightly so. This is an album to get you pumped up and pissed off and ready to take on anything.


The great musicianship of each member, also, is completely undeniable. It takes a lot of skill to get the entire album sounding this tight and well constructed. It’s well put together without being mechanical and clinical. Breakdowns are something that Atlases have down to a T, a prime example being the single note snarls towards the end of the brilliantly titled “You Dreamer, You Fool”, an aggressive tune that practically has “Mosh, You Bastards” written all over it. Top stuff, a well constructed metal EP that seems to promise to deliver live.

Speaking of which, wanna see Atlases? Of course you do. They will be performing on eight dates all around the UK, dates of which include Static in Swansea, Meze Lounge in Newport, The Birdcage in Portsmouth and ending at the Snooker Club in Newbury. The tour itself begins in the aforementioned Newport venue, on Friday the 23rd of May, catch them if you can.

Atlases – Music to get angry to, and that’s the best possible thing it can be. Damn good stuff.


Line Up
Jack Parsons – Vocals
Alvin Russ – Guitar
Chris Barlow – Guitar
James Collins – Bass
Lydon Benson – Drums

Atlases are on tour in the UK throughout May.


Review by Mike Masters.

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