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Brother's Grimmer

This week our guests on local radio music show “Livewire Live” on 90.1 Hope FM are the Gigs & Rigs Battle Of The Bands winners Brothers Grimmer. The four piece, with their Psychedelic/Rock-style beat all rivals to the title at The Talbot Pub in Winton; with a series of thrilling performances which included some great dance moves by Michael Bundell (aka Macko Grimmer). The band won the prize which included eight hours studio recording time at Absolute Music. They have already started laying a few tracks down for their difficult third album and this will certainly help speed the process up.

Brother's Grimmer

Front man the bearded wizard-like guru Lee Cleary already has plenty of songs written and it is just a case of the four of them getting together in the studio and let fate work it’s magic. The follow-up to “The Big Red Book Of Nursery Rants” and “The Book Of Hairy Tales” will see the band going into new, uncharted territory after their second guitarist left the band. This gives Lee a lot more space to experiment with his highly inventive effect laden sound and also the chance to bring in young Makco to provide some welcome additional vocals. The band’s sound is hard to pigeonhole, it is most definitely Rock, with elements of Psychedelia, Progressive and Classic. The four members all have very different tastes in music and when the band gets together they never have any pre-conceived ideas how they want to sound, it just happens.

Brother's Grimmer

The four members of Brother’s Grimmer are not really the whole story of the band as they have behind them an army of followers which include loads of extended family and friends. The band’s unofficial 5th member is Janet Rogers (aka Mumma Grimmer) who promotes and books gigs for the band, working extremely hard behind the scenes. Janet is also an author who writes stories and poetry including a book about her life story “Surviving Strangers…Now Who Is The Div?!. The book was initially written for her children to give them a real insight into her life and the stories start with some of her earliest recollections in 1961. The book can be found on Amazon.

The Grimmer boys performed four great new songs in the studio with an impromptu original number from Michael Bundell (aka Macko Grimmer); which I am sure more than surprised everybody listening at home, with such a hard-hitting but uplifting song called “Blades Turned”. The other songs were “Mazu”, “Thank You” and the rather raunchy “Love Song” which I am sure made a few listeners blush. The exclusive videos of their performances can be seen below:

Line Up
Lee Cleary – Guitar, Lead Singer
Shawn Wadham – Bass
Matthew Cleary – Drum Kit, Backing Vocals
Michael Bundell – Dancer/Singer




Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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