Thomas Trip, Christchurch


On a balmy Sunday night I arrive early for one time local faves Sirpico. It’s been a while since the band graced this stage but eventually, around 9.20pm, they start.

With a new bassist I later find out is an old acquaintance, they launch into their set. They open with “Too Long” which is rather apt! Vocalist Al reminds us how they were “cautioned” for being too loud last time out – tonight it’s not an issue. The keys are heavy and the vocals clear, but one thing stands out. Gone it seems are the Weller/Rossiter-ism’s in favour of a bigger, fuller sound.

The Who come to mind this evening but I’m sure others around me will hear other bands in their sound. “New Born” by Muse goes down a storm while Biffy Clyro’s “Mountains” gets an early tryout and doesn’t disappoint, followed by their finest song “The River”. With The River being played this early I’m assuming there’s a wealth of new material to be aired.

There are a few new songs and some choice covers. My only criticism might be the “self-indulgent” guitar part in “Jostle”, but thankfully this doesn’t last! A long break is taken before they resume their set of covers/originals. There really isn’t any more to say about Sirpico that hasn’t been said before. Their delivery is confident and all four band members contribute.

Al announces they are about to attempt the “hardest cover ever”! I wont lie, sometimes it’s best to leave well alone! However, I applaud them for taking on the Foo’s “Pretender”, they almost get away with it! My only concern is why this band aren’t bigger. They have the songs and the talent, but the pub should be packed. Al suggests everyone’s still “down the beach”. Anyway, the few of us who made the effort enjoy a decent show while I go home and enjoy their new 4 track offering.

Review by Ross A.Ferrone.

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