Drop Jaw John

There are two ways this review could go. One of those ways might lead to this reviewer getting hog tied, violated, and then dumped in a gully somewhere in the New Forest.

But then again, I don’t think they know where I live…

Crawling out of Road Kill studies and Craw Daddy Productions in the dark of night comes the alter-ego of Hawkeye and his partners in crime. These dangerous personas happen to play some of the best ‘inbred hillbilly nightmare hoedown’ music. Although they think of it as re-defining Cowpunk – I think they are ripping it a new one. With distorted vocals, demented fiddle work, and moonshine fuelled banjo work – their outlook on this world of ours makes the family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like those nice friendly folks who live next door.

Drop Jaw John

Opening with the title track “Drop Jaw John” you are told, and warned about Drop Jaw John. Musically this track eases you into the album. In fact, assuming you are not the Preachers Wife, it eases you into some of the subject matter. While “Rollin’ and Fumblin'” opens with some nice southern sounding guitar picking with a blues vibe. “KFT” takes on a slower, darker vibe.

“That’s Alright” is not exactly what Elvis would have expected…is any of this album what any of us expected?

If you have made it this far through the album then things take on an intimate ‘bacon’ based theme with “Little Piggy”. Opening with a great penny whistle-styled intro you think there is a light, and it is not all bad. Nah, that isn’t the case! Let’s call this one the tender love song. Well, not that tender, if the squealing samples are anything to go by…

I think “Gal On The Rag” is self explanatory. The messy love song?

While “The Funhouse” has a slowed down Psychobilly bassline just to keep that foot tapping.

Drop Jaw John

This is a great album, albeit far from family friendly, safe for work or politically correct, did I infer bestiality? It is there, on more than one track! A lot of the tracks have a traditional feel, borrowing phrases and rhythms-this adds some nightmare quality as you feel you know the song. Your foot is tapping, and you really enjoy the music – good roots, and traditional. But then you realise what has just been sung, and the illusion is shattered.

If they play a shack near you, make sure you haven’t had too much ‘shine; as I guarantee you will have an education at their twisted hoedown yet might be left wondering why you can’t walk properly the next day!

This ain’t getting any radio play. Even if you forget the cussing, I am not sure any one track has a redeeming “safe” topic. So you had best buy a copy, a pair of dungarees, a gallon of bleach, and never look back because there is no salvation.

Track Listing
Drop Jaw John
Rollin’ And Fumblin’
That’s Alright
Little Piggy
Gal On The Rag
Black Billy Brown
Red Neck Hen Night
Southern CF


Words by Ministry “that’s a purdy mouth” Jon.

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