Syren City

Continuing with an alt-rock vibe here at RockRegen Towers we have also been listening to post-hardcore alt-rockers Syren City from Bristol.

Citing such influences as punk, metal, and hardcore, they have distilled it down to make a hard rocking EP. Opening with “Bleed” the first few seconds give the impression this might be a muted garage band, but the smoke cloud clears as the guitars become clear and the vocals kick in. The verses get your foot tapping while the chorus tries to beat you. all the while there is some fairly solid hard hitting drum work that punches at you, while the riffs ensure you can’t get back up again! By the time the track finishes you think you are prepared. Think again, “Our Disease” comes at you from the get-go, the guitar work takes a slightly more prominent stance, but that drum work is still there!

“Fire In Your House” is almost anthemic as the vocals call out, and the backing vocals come back, one that no doubt is crowd pleaser, as the track pummels you. In the breaks the riffs just flow. This is almost a punchy return to the EP opener, and re-enforces their sound. This is one of those tracks that becomes addictive. While “Long Way Down” raises the tempo as the drums beat out and the riffs carry you. the guitars play off each other, and both clean vocals, and slightly more gutteral vocal play off each other, and this almost becomes seamless. This is a hard rocking track, that manages to pull the listener completely in. Rounding off the EP is interestingly named “Asphodel”, a more venomous track, hard hitting, almost a little chaotic at times. And yet, just after halfway through it pulls it all back in and almost becomes visceral with its intent. It rounds the EP off well, and as ever, I am left wanting more. Another 5 tracks please!

Syren City

They have recorded a blistering EP that raises the bar, the whole EP brings a breathe of fresh air to the scene. It is hard hitting, each track, lyrically, tells it story well, or shares something with you – all the while making the listener feel part of the journey. This is also no doubt in part to Simons dynamic vocal delivery throughout the EP. Having shared stages with some bigger names, such as Max Raptor, Kids In Glass Houses, Don Broco, and Mallory Knox – to name just a few from their extensive touring in the last 12 months, this has meant that they have been able to hone their skills, and put them in good stead with their peers. These experiences have obviously rubbed off, as “Escape” is a stunning EP.

Line Up
Simon Roach
Adam Hopton
Ian Chadderton
Adam Armour
Louis Catlett

Track Listing
Our Disease
Fire In Your House
Long Way Down


Words by Jon.

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