Monster Jaw

Bradford’s “Monster Jaw” have just released a follow up to the excellent E.P. #1. It opens with title track “Losing All My Friends” which has an intro not unlike the Senseless Things single “Too Much Kissing”. The vocals however owe more than a debt to early Feeder. The vocals are clear and confident throughout and I’m wondering if this is a personal song. The strained guitar chords are matched by the strong drums throughout. It ends almost as it begins and is a decent opener.

“Low” has a great intro with those strained chords once more. The song ups the tempo almost immediately despite the slightly ‘muffled’ vocals in places. I really don’t know what this song is about, I’m confused. There’s a great middle 8 in there and some hard drumming, but the chorus really makes no sense; which is a pity as the structure of the song is great!

Monster Jaw

“Lidocaine” thankfully, reminds me what I love about Monster Jaw. Heavily influenced, (deliberate or not) by JAMC; this song has all the hallmarks of the aforementioned. Squally feedback in places, Jim Reid-esque vocal tones, hard pounding drums, strained guitar chords and a slight: “dirty, rock ‘n’ roll” sound. Simply superb!

“Do It Gay, Do It Straight” is one of two bonus tracks on this collection. More recognisable as a popular live track it has a distinct Sonic Youth influence in the guitars, with that “swirling” chord sound. The vocals however owe no small debt to (early) “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”. In fact I’m hearing an all round influence of the aforementioned. There is something about this songs lyrical content which makes me think it was conceived almost tongue in cheek! Whether reflecting on a life experience or that of others though is anyone’s guess. Either way it’s a great tune.

The final track here is an extended mix of opener “Losing All My Friends”.

Monster Jaw have happened on a sound that while isn’t wholly original, takes cuts from other bands and makes them their own. If this CD is anything to go by though I would expect Monster Jaw to be making a big noise in the coming months. Youth is firmly on their side so I feel the future’s bright. We shall wait and see.

Line Up
Mik Davis – Guitar/Vox
Neil Short – Bass/Vox
Jon Bradford – Drums/Vox

Track Listing
Losing All My Friends

Bonus Tracks
Do It Gay, DO It Straight
Losing All My Friends (Extended Mix)


Review by Ross A. Ferrone