Empire Affair

Regular readers of Rock Regeneration will be more than aware of local Bournemouth band Empire Affair. We have willingly followed their career from the time when they changed their name from “Echo” and become a rejuvenated, more determined band wanting to succeed. September 5th is the date for the release of their follow up to their second well-received “Sparks In The Dark” EP which gave us infectious gems such as “One Night In Munich”, and of course live favourite “Tornadoes”. The band all took a week out to go down to Conversion studios in the depths or rural Dorset to record this latest offering.

The whole band have a very positive nature about them and their mission was to produce something that sounds like Empire Affair and also pushes boundaries towards new previously unchartered waters. The recording sessions went really well and the original four planned songs turned into five and “Pangs” was born. On the first few listens though the new fresh inclusion of Synthesizers and the much improved vocals of frontman Neil are more than apparent.

The EP continues the band’s ability to craft songs that will give the listener an enjoyable, lasting and uplifting experience that can be transferred to the live stage with spectacular results.

Empire Affair

The EP opens with “Press Reset” which is a slow burner that builds combining gentle synths, drumming and guitars with Neil’s constant chanting “Press Reset, Press Reset” an idea concert opener. “DNA Code” is the shining star of this package, an epic song that brings together everything great about this band. It is not that far away from something that The Killers might produce but with more energy and masses of passion. You can almost hear the determination in Neil’s voice to reach each and every listener, giving every last piece of energy he can muster.

“Don’t Let me Down” sounds like a return to the more traditional sound of the band’s 1st EP “Red Light” and would easily sit aside songs such as “Take Me Down”. “End Of Disco” is another move into the new more experimental Empire Affair sound, again a slow burner that brings in Jack and Matt’s twin guitars towards the end to great effect. The final track “Forest Beyond The Trees” is as infectious as they come with a guitar riff that will burn into your head from the moment it starts. The band have shown here a new maturity and as you listen to all three of their releases there is plenty of positive progression in their music. The band’s hard working ethics will hopefully mean that this EP brings their music to a new, larger audience who will give them the appreciation they fully deserve.

Track Listing
1 – Press Reset
2 – DNA Code
3 – Don’t Let Me Down
4 – End Of Disco
5 – Forest Beyond The Trees

Empire Affair are
Neil Tallant – Vocals
Jack Woolston – Guitar
Tom Parrett – Bass
Matt Park – Guitar + Keys
Darren Sheppard – Drums

See our prevous article about the recording of the “Pangs” EP here.


Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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