Dirt Box Disco

Ah yes, it’s not long now til’ the annual “glutton-fest” that is Christmas to be upon us. And we all know what that means in musical terms-it’s Christmas single time! Burton on Trent’s finest Dirt Box Disco have decided it’s their turn to unleash a spiky little ditty upon us, and what a fine tune it is!

“I Don’t Want Anything For Christmas” is another personal little ditty to get us in the mood (or not) for the festive season. Many fans (and new converts alike) will understand and resonate with the sentiment of this song. That big clangy middle 8 is a feature once again-it wouldn’t be DBD without one! Passionate, almost heartfelt vocal delivery; sung in a tongue in cheek fashion. Bah humbugs the country wide-this song’s for you! It’s just crying out for daytime radio exposure. Whether an ode to a recently departed lover/partner or just a sad love song it’s sure to melt one or two hearts!

Dirt Box Disco

If you’ve had enough of Christmas already just play the flipside. ‘Punk By Numbers’ has that hilarious “speedball” approach, it’s DBD’s usual output of comedic Punk. Ferocious hitting in the intro from Maff and some furious chords set the tone for Weab’s humourous vocal delivery and Spunk’s ‘terrace-chant’ chorus shouts. The singalong chorus will be a winner live-it’s a classic 2 minute Punk epic. “We like to dress up and we’ve all got funny names”. They don’t write ’em like that any more! If that doesn’t get you jumping up and down this Christmas nothing will.

1. I Don’t Want Anything For Christmas
2. Punk by Numbers


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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