ACDC’s Rock Of Ages Ends Six Long Years of Waiting the Voltage to Return to Our Lives

Six long years we have waited but our time is now at hand. Fans of AC/DC are in a state of excitement counting down the days until the release of the big one. With Black Ice clearly in the rear view mirror,Rock or Bust is going to be the solution to the itch we could not scratch. Due to be released in late November, one of Australia and the world’s best heavy metal bands is at it again. With Play Ball tearing up the air waves, what can we expect from the first studio effort from the band since Malcolm decided to hang it up.

A Moment for a Founding Father
A prolific guitarist was forced to step aside due to health issues. Malcolm Young was with AC/DC from the start. Malcom is in the grips of dementia and the world faces the very real possibility that he might never play publicly again. Legions will mourn his absence from the band however AC/DC has decided to move forward now. His influence on the band can be heard on the the first release from the album. The song, Play Ball, has the same classic sounds with slightly different hints ad overtones to it. Major League Baseball decided to hop on the train early and got the band’s permission to use it for the playoffs on TBS. We will miss you Malcolm and our thoughts go out to you each time we hear this song.


Keeping Up the Tradition
Rock used to be about getting the album out and hitting the road. The electronic age put a damper on that while technology played catch up so that the sound could be reproduced on the road. Bands that have screaming guitars and power vocals do not have this hindrance and as such, AC/DC is proud to announce that they will be on tour. Featuring both the new album and the classics of all time, the band will be heading off to quite a few of our favorite venues. The schedule and AC/DC ticket information can be seen here.

This could be called an avalanche event in rock. Brian Johnson has been a prominent part of the band’s presence for this upcoming release. From in studio stories to fond memories of Malcolm, he forecasts big things for Rock or Bust. Projections∞¢¢¢ from the industry peg the numbers to be sold in the first week of release to be in the hundreds of thousands. This is an ample follow up to the Black Ice which went platinum in two short weeks. So all there is left to do is to stock up on ear plugs and wait. Rock of Ageswill be here in just a few short moments and then the titanic tour awaits.

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