Powdered Cows

Powdered Cows have been featured here a number of times in the past, and it is always a pleasure when more of their material comes along. So, following on from their “Make My Miami” comes their new realise “Laguna” (via a single written for comedian Tony law), which mixes a DIY rawness with a guitar based edge, along with an almost dreamlike aesthetic coupled. Confused? Contradictory? Welcome to the world of Powdered Cows.

“Alakazam” kicks off the show with some fuzzed up guitar, and an almost punk attitude in the vocal delivery, not to mention some potentially caustic lyrics. This does not however set the scene for the rest of the album. Followed by “Sticker In the Back” which is more electronic, and drops the raw guitar work for a more preprogrammed feel, fitting in well with the lyrics, it paints an interesting picture – I am not sure if it is one of jealousy or contempt!

The drum led “Choose Your Art” ups the tempo, and the guitar licks pick at you. In fact as the track progresses, that bass line just makes me think Joy Division, throw in the drums and you will hear what I mean. But the vocals take you off in another direction, especially with the keyboards.

“Laguna” returns to that dream like quality, and possible for anyone who lives in the Bournemouth area, this might even be a nod to a certain coach company, and days out.

After the birdsong ambiance ending “Laguna”, the album closes with “Meaning Of Life”, and for this listener had a quality I couldn’t quite nail down. The music had an 80’s feel, but there was more to it than just a bland and simplistic comparison. As with the other tracks, this track has fits in, but has to be listened to in order to appreciate it.

Powdered Cows

Their brand of Indie Pop is truly something they can call their own, blending raw energy, post-punk,and dreamlike aesthetics to produce something rather special and addictive. The album seems a little more experimental, perhaps even a little disparate, and not so delicate when compared to “Make My Miami”, and possibly shows an unstructured way of growth. But this adds to its strengths, and for fans of Powdered Cows you must come to expect something a little different. There are many layers to the sound, from the DIY feel, through the rawness, to the dreamlike, even the dark and at times caustic lyrics, this still possess a summary feel, that at times totally betrays itself. This has had more than one play, and will have many more.

Line Up
Martin Roberts and friends.

Track Listing
Sticker In The Back
Choose Your Art
So Sick
Becon Tree
Meaning Of Life



Words by Jon.

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