Forged In Black

The Exodus starts with the title track of the same name and although I’m reminded briefly of Metallica it soon becomes clear that these guys have their own agenda. Duelling guitars and high pitched vocal dynamics make it the EP highlight. It’s a full on loud-as-fuck blitzkrieg of wailing guitars and soaring vocals. There are only three tracks on the EP but they are all killer.

Track two, Accusations of the Innocent, starts off with a galloping Maidenesque riff and quickly becomes the bands own sound as the vocals kick in. There is a very early eighties Rock feel to the whole affair and the tracks are delivered with a power and verve that makes it an exciting listen.

The EP’s longest track is the bands own moniker “Forged In Black” and again we have a plethora of chugging riffs and major guitar fretwork, immediately I’m digging the NWOBHM inspired Metal that these guys produce. There is a feel of Helloween, marinated in Raven and cooked to perfection in a Candlemass oven. If this EP is anything to go by then 2015 could turn out to be an important year for this band.

Forged In Black

Hailing from Southend-On-Sea the band were originally called Merciless Fail and by all accounts had a decent following, after having won Metal To The Masses and played Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2012.

Line Up
Lead Vocals – Chris Stoz Storozynski
Guitars – Tim Chandler
Guitars – Andy Songhurst
Bass and Vocals – Kieron Rochester
Drums – Joshua Moreton

Track Listing
The Exodus
Accusations Of The Innocent
Forged In Black


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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