Panic Island

Take what feels like a small amount of inspiration from Jack White; some healthy attitude and a fair dollop of flair, a respect for guitar icons; and you get the intro, “We Start Fires”, to the “Cabin Fever” EP.

Drawing on inspiration from various guitar anthems this duo are forging tracks that could fill large auditoriums and beyond. Once the initial Rock-fuelled first track has finished, “Temples” kicks in with its guitar-driven riffs, making way for the vocals. This track could be a single in itself, with its catchy rhythms and an addictive chorus.

Closing the EP is “City Screams”, and again the keeps the energy flowing – from the guitar to the rhythm. A fitting end to the EP.

Panic Island

Throughout the simplicity, there is the overriding factor these are relatively short tracks. And what happens when you get an EP you really like? It is never enough! With all the tracks under 3 minutes 10, you just want more and more. Despite length, each track on this EP has enough to be a single, and I hope the momentum in this EP translates well to a full 10 or more tracks, also I would be surprised if this does not lead to an energy fuelled live set.

Line Up
Arron Sans
Vinnie Shimia

Track Listing
We Start Fires
City Screams


Words by Jon.

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