The Hunger Pact

This trio of Reading based musicians have their sophomore EP due out this month, following on from their eponymously titled EP early this year. With “Cold Woman” and hard “fuzz” rock sound, and darker imagery giving them an edge.

Although only three tracks, from the opening “Cold Woman” through to the closing “Alone Again” you know they have something special going on. Opening with “Cold Woman” and described as moody alternative rock with a bluesy flair it sets the scene for the EP; with its layered guitar and vocals that just flow over the music, you cannot help but be sucked into the dark lyrics. They have certainly upped their game from thier first EP, with everything flowing that bit smoother – a certain ease comes across in what they are doing. But before you know it the track has flowed into “Alright” which perfectly picks up the vibe. In fact I have played the EP a number of times and each time I miss the join between tracks! Picking up the tempo and showing more of an upfront attitude compared to “Cold Woman”, this track just builds on the opener shifting focus and letting the rhythm carry you more.

The Hunger Pact

“Alone Again” has a slight change intact with a slightly faster tempo and a more obvious use of keys, this track is bleaker but carries you to the end of the EP and reaching to hit repeat.

Their lo-fi fuzzy guitar work; solid rhythms, lyrics and vocals all form a great package. With lead singer Ed providing Drums, Bass, as well as vocals, it is clear these guys are talented and should be able to push themselves further and further. With influences ranging from a number of Rock greats, having learnt their trade they have managed to produce something to call their own.

Yet another cracking EP, that’s two now. Come on guys, time for an album!

The EP is due for digital release on Monday October 28th.

Check out the free download of “Fight On” from their website.

Line Up
Ed Rogers – vocals/bass/drums
Ollie Rogers – guitar
James Pierce – rhythm guitar

Cold Woman
Alone Again


Words by Jon.

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