Two Beats Apart

Opening with some breath’s just before “Aim” starts, gives a hint as to what will follow, but not to the extent of how immersive Tasha’s vocals are.

With a simple sound this St. Albans duo produce some stripped backed Folk/Rock that is ideal for the lazy hots days that we are experiencing. With alluring melodies that are just honest and lacking pretension.

“Aim” flows across you as Steve gently strums his guitar, while Tasha delivers rich vocals as a tambourine gives a gentle beat. Everything is drawn out, and almost ethereal.

“Fire” is even more laidback, the piano gently opens the track and carefully guides you through the melody. Again, the vocals totally envelop you – coupled with the vocals they introduce a subtle power to the track.

Closing is “TwentyFour”, which is an addictive track and possibly the strongest on the EP. The reverb gently expands her voice as the chorus kicks in; while the guitar is more prominent but does not overly dominate.

Two Beats Apart

The EP has a great feel, a calming effect if you will?! It is emotionally raw and is carried along with their stripped back approach, keeping things simple and effective, but an album will show if they can maintain the level of quality – I hope they can! This EP is well worth checking out for those lazy laid back days.

The EP is due out on 18th September.

Line Up

Track Listing


Words by Jon.

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