The Dropper's Neck

“The latest EP from The Dropper’s Neck delivers on a number of levels. The Essex quintet deliver their Punk Rock with ease, venom, and power. Lloyd’s vocals are borderline gritty with an addictive rawness that draws you in, whilst the band deliver a hard hitting sound that is laden with riffs and power chords, all bundled into a toxic combination as the vocals range from clean to screamed.

Opening with 57,470 the sound hits you, and before you know it you are dragged into their world and a few tracks have passed by. The power from the guitars is matched by the rhythm that keeps your foot tapping. “Line Me Up For The Firing Squad” explodes as the drums open the track, and the vocals hit you straight with a blend of guttural screams taking the forefront, broken up with clean passages and driven by the drums. With energy reined back in for “200 Volts”, which sets itself up for a crowd pleaser with its chanted back response.

“Stutter” brings the EP to its climax in a blistering mix of vocals guitar and chaos. A hard-driven track pulls in all the elements that came before it. The bass underpins the track as energy is released. As the track closes you feel exhausted, even if you were sat down!

The Dropper's Neck

I enjoyed the EP, mixing a “toxic” Punk Rock with some harder Rock elements, resulting in a power EP that will try and destroy your speakers.

My only criticism is that despite the Lloyds vocal styling, and addictive nature of the music, it might be a perceived as a little samey. The tracks flowing easily is both a blessing and a curse, on the one hand, it flows so well you are completely submerged in it, but then again perhaps not enough variation. Despite this a great EP.

The EP is due for release on July 13th, and will be available through all digital outlets.

Line Up
Track Listing
King & Country
Line Me Up For The Firing Squad
200 Volts


Words by Jon.

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