Sirens In The delta

Last month saw the new EP from Sirens, as well as a performance at Download. This is 6 slices of scuzzy Rock, that should sit well on a number of playlists this Summer.

“Dirty Words” kicks off the EP; as Katie’s vocals hit you, you know you are in for a treat – the guitar riff just hooks you in as it gnaws away.

Things get turned up a notch as “Paris” kicks in with its heavier guitar and more prominent rhythm. It is an addictive track and as it unfolds, you can imagine the audience bouncing on the floor, the energy is simply infectious.

“Casus Belli” feels a little more old school, and even with a more classic vibe it seems a little more laid back, even if the tempo is comparable to the tracks that preceded it! A deeper guitar sound underpinned by the bass, the track is almost as infectious as “Paris”. “Halo” has more emotional feel, and while the riffs continue to power on, the focus is on the vocals and these are delivered exceedingly well. They are not being pushed and give that calm feel.

Sirens In The delta

The EP closes with “The Attack”, followed by “Weapon” and it feels like an extension of “The Attack”. There is a noticeable increase in power, but the track flows directly on and seems to overshadow “The Attack”, which is a shame as the slower-paced track possesses some powerful moments. As “Weapon” comes to its end you realise that it is one of the tracks that after the riffs and beats have finished pounding you, it makes you want to hit repeat and listen to the whole lot again.

These guys have worked hard, and have a sound that is strong, and in places formidable. And this has paid off, sharing the stage with a number of prominent names. But at times you can’t help but think a little more care and attention is needed – they have all the ingredients, maybe just a little is needed. I missed them at Download, but I am sure they put on a great set.

Sirens In The delta

The EP was released on June 22nd, and can listened to either on their homepage or their SoundCloud page.

Line Up
Katie – vocals
Gav – guitar
Rich – guitar/backing vocals
Si – bass
Glen – drums

Track Listing
Dirty Words
Casus Belli
The Attack


Words by Jon.

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