Victoria Cross, Parkstone

Southern Brotherhood

If you were anywhere within earshot of Ashley Road in Parkstone on Friday evening, you may well have heard the thunderous noise coming from the Victoria Cross pub. It was not a small earthquake but those nice chaps from Southern Brotherhood, who have turned their amps up to eleven to celebrate the release of their new album “1000 Times”. The album was recorded locally at Basement Studios in Wimborne and features 10 original rocking tracks.

The band started off as an acoustic duo with Jeff Kirkham and Andy De Rosa, who together recorded the first album “Magic Carpet Ride” in December 2012. They recruited the rhythm section of Chris Matthews on bass and Steve Butterworth on drums in 2014 and things started to get a whole lot louder.

The Southern Brotherhood
The Southern Brotherhood 12345

The band have played the Victoria Cross many times and felt it was the perfect place for their launch party amongst their family and friends. A few covers were dispatched early on, including a great combination of Deep Purple’s “Hush”, and the Black Crowes “Hard to handle”. One of the band’s favourites “Right Back Where We Started” was up next; I say favourite, as it has appeared on three different releases. It’s a great song though and sounds even better live.

Southern Brotherhood

After a short break the band returned refreshed and really hit their stride. The second set starts with the title track to the new album and it trundles along like a Progressive Blues jam with various guitar changes along the way. Jeff and Andy have a perfect chemistry and their duelling guitars though very different, work so well together. Another new track “Sweet Love Bring Me Down” has more than a passing resemblance to Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heavenís Door” with a reggae twist. The crowd were even singing Dylan’s lyrics to the tune.

The highlight for me was a brand new song “Spiralling Vortex”-an epic tune where the guys once again really let go and the guitars take off big time. A tune where everything just clicked and the band delivered on all levels-if this is a glimpse into their future direction……I like it!! The band combine their love for the Blues and good old fashioned Rock to really entertain music lovers of all ages.

Listen to the new album “1000 Times” here.


Words & Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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