Patriot Rebel

Bursting out of Nottingham comes the latest EP from Patriot Rebel, opening with machine gun-like drums this two track EP from alt-rocks Patriot Rebel kicks in with the hi-octane eponymously titled track. The guitar work catches with its riffage while punctuated with that barrage of stick work. The vocals seem a little buried in the music, but the distinct style of delivery from Paul offsets the guitar noodling.

The second track is an acoustic version of the attack that came before, this time packaged with acoustic guitar, and harmonies. As ever reworking a track acoustically can totally change it’s dynamic, and this true in this instance.

The EP was out at the beginning of August and is work checking out if you need a quick injection of spontaneous rocking then this is for you!

Patriot Rebel

Line Up
Paul Smith – Vocals
Danny Marsh – Lead Guitar
David Gadd – Rythm Guitar/Backing vocals
Aaron Grainger – Drums
Will Kirk – Bass Guitar

Track Listing
Propaganda (acoustic)


Words by Jon.

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