The Lion And the Wolf

One of our favourite Alt/Folk musicians here at RR is Thomas George who we have had the pleasure of seeing as a one-man show in Bournemouth earlier this year, has a new EP/Single out this coming October called “My Father’s Eyes”.

The hauntingly beautiful title track was inspired by his father who suffered and survived a heart attack at the end of 2014. And while the track has a fairly upbeat tempo, his voice carries a certain gravitas that just keeps your attention focused. Now I have to be honest; my first introduction to Thomas was as a one-man band, and the passion and intimacy he brings to his shows is phenomenal. Now his studio work includes the addition of a variety of talented individuals, yet none of that emotion or intimacy is lost in the recordings. The track takes all that emotion and bundles it gently with a light and airy sound – almost ethereal. Be warned; it can be melancholic, but the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing lazy day.

The Lion And the Wolf

The second half of the EP “Barstools” opens with sound of gentle drums. As Thomas’s voice gently guides you into the song you almost miss the other instruments; which themselves soon take a back seat to the harmonies, becoming a subtle soundscape. This is soon broken; but not shattered by the Sax, which provides a break as the vocals and keys gently work their way around your head.

He is a truly talented wordsmith and musician. If you get the chance to see him live with just his guitar, do not down turn down the opportunity.

For the new tracks he was joined by;
Guitar – Charlie Harris
Bass – Robert Potter
Piano / Keys – James Thorpe
Drums – Robert Berry
Violins – Ellie Burke
Saxaphone – Ollie Morris
Trumpet – Bob
Backing Vocals – Jessica Eagle, Matt Hitt, Laura Reid, James Thorpe, Robert Potter, Dan Trevena and Caty Macauly

Track Listing
My Father’s Eyes


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