Recently released is the first of two EPs from the Essex group known as Kloq.

“The Gun” opens the EP and hits you almost immediately with a hard-edged EBM vibe, mixed up with a club vibe. This almost feels one step removed from Industrial as they blend in the electronics and attitude for what they call “Punktronica Rock power four piece”! Certainly the energy and attitude is here, and the silicon and transistors work their magic. This is followed by “The Beat” – a shameless description of itself, and with headphones on and the volume up it really hits home hard. While the rhythm works its way under your skin, you find yourself tapping along. With a break that lets the beat rest while the vocals take centre stage, the melodies slow up the proceedings; just – it then all comes back with energy. And while I don’t think this is a high BPM track, it certainly packs a punch.

“Black Slab” feels like it’s reducing it all back to basics – in fact, the sarcastic might think the opening has an earlier Casio feel to the rhythm. This is soon put to bed as a more “meaty” rhythm kicks in, coupled with what sounds like a slowed down bass-heavy sample of “Yeah”. This is a slower track, and this in itself draws focus.


Possibly the highlight on the EP for this reviewer is the closing track “Drive”. With the powerful, almost distorted synth-riff; the tempo is upped, and your adrenaline will just follow suit!

While described themselves as “Punktronica”; the vocals are all clean, even when the synths seem to be going off the rails under their volition. Throughout, the tracks on the EP have numerous layers that all pull together into tracks that would fit into any Alt/EBM playlist. I have been listening to some “old school” Krautrock and Electronica, and this shows how Electronic music has evolved in the last 40 years. How it has grown and adapted; not forgetting the many forms it now takes, and can be called its own. Kloq are certainly making a mark for themselves!

Line Up
Dean Goodwin
Oz Morsley
Tim Jackson
Chris Jackobs

Track Listing
The Gun
The Beat
Black Slab


Words by Jon.

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