Rising up from the Southern hemisphere comes Devilskin breaking out of their native New Zealand (lovely country if you ever get the chance to visit!).

…and with them the bring a mighty slab of hard rocking metal which has been the subject of much anticipation in their homeland. Fronted by Jennie the vocals carry a power and force that works from the clean vocals through to the guttural, and while the blending of these styles is nothing new, it is somehow carried off with ease with these guys.

Each track carries with it a power and force that is to be reckoned with, from the driving guitars and addictive riffage, through to the barrage of drum-work that keeps you on your toes. Opening this body of work is the interestingly titled “Elvis Presley Circle Pit”, and sets you up for the energy that is to come…”Little Pills” hits a little harder bringing a more screaming/guttural vocal along with the clean. Through in the punchy bass and guitar and you have a recipe for success (even if the track is over 3 years old!);

Hitting you between the eyes with its punchy melody is “Vessel”, offset with a flowing harmonious chorus this is one addictive track! This is followed by the almost laidback “Start A Revolution”, Jennie’s vocals seem slightly more relaxed, but pack a punch when the chorus kicks in, giving you more of what started the album, with an aggressive break in the middle this is no doubt a crowd pleaser.

“Fade” is the quieter track of the album, and while having a slow number is almost a cliche is shows off the talent and capabilities. This however is the first of 3 slower tracks, and the vocals are just as strong and powerful here, along with the guitars providing the harsh offset, while the percussion underpins the track.

“The Horror” starts with the sounds of gun fire and something not quiet nature, more ambient – but soon a guitar riff kicks in – well you know where it is heading at this point. With the gutteral vocals being spat at you, the clean vocals chip sharing centre stage as the tempo is increased. Clocking in at just over 1 minute this is a brief return to the earlier sound of the album.


“Covet” stands alone as it is simply a piano piece, again very short coming in at about 90 seconds. Although slightly out of place it shows another side of the band, a more cinematic atmospheric side.

“Cherophobia” shows the start of a strong close to the album with the clean vocals, punchy guitars and a rhythm you cannot help but get addicted to. While “Dirt” opens up with a nice dirty riff, and a nice prolonged “yeah” from Jennie. Another punchy track with with an addictive little bass line hiding in the background. This is fitting climatic track to close the album with.

They are using a tried and tested formula, but they are be doing it well without being derivative, bringing a fresh breath of air to the scene. They possess a certain spark, and apart from performing well as a team, they are carry it off with ease. The album is hard hitting and addictive.

Judging by dates it has taken a while for this album to hit UK shores but it is well worth the wait. Hopefully the will find success with “We Rise” and it will see more of their material hitting these shores.

Due out on the 6th November, this is one to look out for.

Line Up
Vocals – Jennie Skulander
Guitar – Nail
Bass – Paul Martin
Drums – Nic Martin

Track Listing
Elvis Presley Circle Pit
Little Pills
Start A Revolution
Never See The Light
Until You Bleed
Burning Tree
The Horror
Cherophobia (The Failure In Me)


Words by Jon.

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