The Parallax Method

Welcome to a musical whirlwind of killer virtuoso guitar parts, superb pinpoint drumming and outstanding rhythmic basslines. The Parallax Method’s first E.P is a joyous listen from start to finish. Opening intro “Welcome One and Owl” starts with what sounds like someone getting into a lift, replete with some cheesy muzak playing in the background. Lift stops and xylophone-type tune sounds out, which turns into the gloriously titled “Honey I Shrunk the Squid”.

Playing instrumental modern prog rock is always a risky endeavour in an age where the public seem to be so big on singers that they can market a whole show just to vocalists (The Voice). Thank God that the alternative scene doesn’t give two hoots about that crapola and young bands like this, made up of cracking musicians can turn out an independent and excellent slab of very enjoyable music.

The Parallax Method

The song titles hint at a good sense of humour and the overall proggy jazz and occasionally techno feel permeates the E.P, giving the listener a diverse and rather fun aural experience.

They definitely have a certain fresh sound that makes them stand out from the crowd. I’m desperate to see them play live, get your asses down to Bournemouth and bring the party to the South Coast lads!

Line Up
Danny Beardsley – Guitar
Ben Edis – Bass
Dave Wright – Drums

Track Listing
Welcome One and Owl
Honey I Shrunk the Squid
Can Mango Take me Higher
Radagash the Brown


Words By Dan O’Gara

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