City Bound

Pop Punk band “City Bound” have recently started gigging around some of the music venues of Dorset, trying to muscle in on a packed local music scene. The highly energetic youthful quartet have taken to a studio to make their first original recording. Guitarist Jay Dervan said ìWe basically locked ourselves in a makeshift studio for a few days and just threw ourselves at itî. The outcome was a promising track titled “Overboard”, which contains many of the elements that can be found within a classic Pop/Punk number. These catchy guitars, pounding drum beats and lyrics that grow on you with each listen are certainly a good start. The vocals are none too shabby either with plenty of harmonies and passion in abundance.

City Bound

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though as they may or may not be the next “Fall Out Boy”, but every band has to start somewhere. The band’s first efforts can be found on the video link below – a nice cover of “Dial Tones” by Brighton band “As It Is”. The fact that they have got this project off the ground and are moving forward is a massive bonus as many bands don’t even get this far. The next step will be to bring out an EP and produce live performances worthy of building a firm following. Every new band deserves a chance and looking at their efforts so far, they seem well worth checking out. Keep an eye on their social media sites for further gig dates soon.

City Bound Are
Max Dervan – Vocals/Guitar
Jay Dervan – Guitar/Vocals
Jake Daniels – Drums/Vocals
Harry Swaffield – Bass


A Free downloadable copy will also be available exclusively to members of their mailing list!
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Words by Dave Chinery.

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