Daisy Chains

Lymington’s youngest and brightest darlings of all things Pop have unleashed on us this little gem of a single, and we at RR have the pleasure of reviewing it. Lead song “Drug Pop” is anything but a narcotic song. It has a Funky Disco beat to it, but the title is a complete mystery to me. It’s a simple song, easy on the ear chords and drumming; with an albeit (at times), strained vocal that’s not unpleasant. Some of the lyrics I found indecipherable but that’s nothing new. The overall sound reminds me a little of 80’s underachievers “Orange Juice”; and while there’s nothing here I haven’t heard before, it’s refreshing to hear a band this young taking these particular influences. I can’t think of another band who combine Disco, Funk and Indie and deliver it in an early 80’s style. “Drug Pop” has an accompanying video currently on Youtube which is well worth a watch.

The 2nd song on this EP is simply entitled “Lust”. More shimmering Funky/Indie chords and a clear audible vocal, keeping that “Pop” groove over a gentle beat. Brandon’s vocals are unforgettable and they perfectly compliment the music. It’s an honest sideswipe at the whole subject of class and entitlement – now there’s a subject matter that’s current! The noodly, poppy bridge takes it to its conclusion with some clever cymbal-led drumming and that now trademark guitar sound.

Daisy Chains

“Stay Young” keeps their familiar guitar sound while the cymbal-led drums are at times lost behind the confident picking. The vocals once again are clear and audible, although at times sound a tad camp in the chorus. Overall it’s gentle, breezy and has that Summery feel that makes one think of Mediterranean beaches with waves lapping the sand in the late evening sun.

Final track “Honey” is more of the same really, the vocals once again structured around the chords. The lyrics are articulated with a maturity far beyond their tender years. It’s another song penned from personal experience about the prospects of life after education. Without the cussing I feel this could easily have been the lead song. However, with a song title like “Drug Pop” you’re more likely to get noticed!

This band are building up a good head of steam for themselves, and with a tour coming up beyond the locality this might just be their time – we will see!

Drug Pop
Stay Young


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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