Syren City

This coming June sees the release of Syren Citys blistering new concept EP “Paradise in the Dirt”. This Bristol based male fronted 5-piece have put together an EP, whose theme spans a series of EPs, this being the first, hits hard with the opening “It’s Morphine Time” they blend a hard hitting sound, with infectious rhythms and melodies – while the vocals range deftly from the aggressive to clean in an almost seamless manner.

There is an unrelenting power to the EP that starts on “It’s Morphine Time”, and flows, even though the quieter breaks, into “Danielle”. Starting with some gentle guitar work and softly delivered vocal, you just know the power is there waiting to bubble over into your speakers. The track opens up into a monumental track of power as the chorus hits out. It is again quickly pulled back as the sticks take on the clickety, sound keeping pace.

Closing off this first instalment in is “10,000 Knives” is a faster-paced track that cuts in deep after the catchy infectious melody makes way for some crushing energy and slabs of groove.

Syren City
This is an immense EP, blending styles and genres, not just from the instruments, but vocally. It has seen these guys evolve and step up to the plate, they can certainly put a tune together, not to mention put a song together, all with apparent ease. Is a series EPs building on a bigger concept too much to tackle? We will have to wait and see, as an opening volley this sets the scene, and I cannot wait for the next instalment.

The EP is due out on 24th of June.

Track Listing
It’s Morphine Time
10,000 Knives


Words by Jon.

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