Continental Liaison

Continental Liaison recently released their latest single, and it builds on their sound. The cold electro beats seem to be getting a little bit warmer, and the vocals a little fuller. This gives the effect of their sound being slightly less disconnected, but still keeping that retro electronic/post-punk feel. In the words of this trio, the music carries a sense of threat.

Both tracks of this EP show progression in their sound whilst staying true to the feel of early electronic pop experimentation. The trademark fuzz and the cold beats are just spot on as ever. The vocals; while not necessarily containing aggression, have a feel of distaste to them that works with the cold beats. The tempo is slightly slower than some of their previous offerings, but still contains those building blocks that they have carefully stripped back to reveal nothing but the basic building blocks. They are building a vision for themselves from the ground up, and through the distortion and disconnected feel there is something refreshing.

Continental Liaison

I still have not had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, but something tells me that this disconnected experience and view that I have of them is possibly in keeping with their underlying ethos. After a handful of EP’s there is the promise of a proper album in the works that these guys have plans for in the future. And it will probably be far from utopian and closer to dystopia!

Line Up
Gwyn – wrestles noise from machine & sculpts it into musique fantastique
Ryan – adds distorted angular beauty from 6 strings and electricity
Bam – applies (dis)passion & echo to words that mean everything/nothing

Track Listing
Action Time!
The Sublime


Words by Jon.