The Mistakes

Poole Punks The Mistakes are back with another incendiary 5 track EP. Not a band to hang around they return not long after their quite excellent recent release, simply entitled The Mistakes. They clearly wanna get themselves out there to a wider audience and their output has increased somewhat of late. Volume 2 opens with “Nation”; with its direct, full-on intro and some fast pummelling of the skins and that good old Mistakes vocal delivery. A very slight hint of Ska in the beat and a theme of unity, it’s fast and tight which one would expect from an opener. They go for the jugular in the chorus which Ross (vox) delivers with an angry passion.

“Never Be Quiet” begins with Richie’s big, brooding bass-twinned with an aggressive in-yer-face vocal onslaught. The anthemic, singalong chorus was just made for the live arena. Rat-a-tat hitting from Lewis (drums), coupled with that 80’s Punk guitar slant and a noodly middle 8, it’s all on show here. This is trademark Mistakes territory which doesn’t disappoint and has a clever “stuttered” finale.

“Self Control” begins with a speedball Punk guitar part with Ross’s vocal clear and audible from the outset. Ferocious hitting and some dare I suggest “Metal” stretched, intricate chords. Lyrically I’m guessing this is an ode to more personal issues or just a clever work of fiction. That noodly middle 8 has huge prominence once again, giving way to a thumping bass and now even faster hitting. The anger in Ross’s vocals at the end reaches fever pitch and the finish is superb.

“Sin City” is a real departure from the previous 3 songs yet maintaining the vocal spite and anger lyrically. A chunky guitar part becomes a squally middle 8 and this time dispenses with the noodling somewhat. The ‘Sin’ in the title I’m guessing relates to either drink or women (or both)!! Either way, it’s a clever song, I’m assuming written from personal experience or that of an imaginative mind?!

“Ugly” is probably the bands most American Punk-influenced song, musically anyway. The chiming chords and big hitting has echoes of Sum 41 (minus the vocal) and it’s a short, sharp EP closer that works on every level.

Never Be Quiet
Self Control
Sin City

Band members
Ross (vocals)
Shane (rhythm)
James (lead)
Richie (bass)
Lewis (drums)


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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