The Anvil, Bournemouth

Rory Indiana

Manchester United are in town to play their first Premiership game of the 2016/17 season against AFC Bournemouth and the multi-million-pound team is just too strong for the league newcomers who go down with a 3-1 loss. Just down the road from the Vitality Stadium in the centre of Bournemouth Lifeboat Promotions have their own event on a much smaller scale but with just as much spirit and passion as the beautiful game. Tonight the Anvil hosts four bands who all are enthusiastically looking forward to playing to this passionate, musically educated Bournemouth crowd this evening.

Kicking off this evening are London four piece, “Chapter and Verse”, a band that performed on this very stage back in May supporting Bad Sign. They impressed so much that they were invited back. Since we last saw them, they have released their accomplished debut EP, “The Wolves Back Home” and have been playing a host of shows around the UK. Despite being a Sunday evening, the band draw a good sized crowd. The outfit have a line from a song, “We’ve gotta have faith in the new breed”, a lyric that rings so true. There have been so many fantastic bands over the years, it is so hard for new bands to live up to people expectations. C & V are edgy, intense and write incredibly powerful lyrics that make a lasting effect on the listener.

Chapter and Verse
Chapter and Verse 123

Their awesome sounding melodic guitars, coupled with uniquely powerful rhythms and harmonies make for one fascinating live experience. From the moment they arrive on stage, to the moment they leave they give all they’ve got with energetic front man Josh Carter making the best of the limited space. They leave us with the formidable “Slave” ringing in our ears, an intense angry tune with the power and the passion of someone scorned. It is only early days for this relatively new band but from what I can see they are on the right track and expect to see much more from them in the future.

Next up are Bournemouth’s “Krooked Nation” who show no slowing of the momentum created by Chapter and Verse. This four piece show some marked improvements since I last saw them. Tonight they are performing with a stand in drummer Matt, who seems to fit in really well-doing everything requested of him. Their heavier guitar based sound combined with frontman Daniel Munday’s distinctive American sounding vocals are really appreciated by the very positive, normally hard to please audience. The band though a little laid back power through a host of great tracks including “Bleed”, “Time for Strange” and a new yet untitled song that shows the full extent of Daniel’s impressive powerful vocals. The band end with arguably their best track “100,000 Rumours” which includes some great intricate guitar work along with an infectious chorus. It is fantastic to see our local talent standing shoulder to shoulder with other acts from around the UK and standing up really well against them.

Krooked Nation
Krooked Nation 12

All the way from Cardiff town are five piece band, “Calling Apollo”. These guys have been the main tour support to “Rory Indiana” throughout this tour and have the benefit of two melodic guitars in their armoury along with a very distinctive sounding vocalist Christian James Neale, who has a fantastic vocal range that sounds a little like Brian Moloko of “Placebo” in certain places. The band combine electronic sounds with traditional elements to create an atmospheric resplendent sound that takes influences from all areas of the musical spectrum. Despite being the last night of the tour the band still have plenty in the tank and deliver a thoroughly uplifting and entertaining set. There are plenty of highlights including the epic “Clone City” and the euphoric “Obelisk” which both show real quality song creation.

Calling Apollo
Calling Apollo 123
Rory Indiana
Rory Indiana 1234

Tonight’s headliners are Rory Indiana from just down the coast in Brighton and they take to the stage to the intro of “Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band”. The rest of the bands and the audience have all stuck around to see if all the hype about them is true. They have a certain swagger of confidence about them and perform on the stage as if they own it. Their guitar sound is divine with both the bass and Ben Clementsís telecaster really benefitting the effects coupled to them. They clearly put absolutely every drop of energy into their performance with lashings of eccentric movement during each number. The four piece are a unit with masses of chemistry and each number is delivered as if it is their last. The Bournemouth crowd are clearly enjoying every moment and I’m sure appreciate that if these guys continue in this way they soon could be elevated to playing much bigger stages. A fantastic night indeed of four band’s that are all part of the “new breed” of acts after our attention and devotion, which ones will succeed is anyoneís guess. You can’t help but be proud at the very healthy scene currently in the UK. Long may it continue!



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Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)