Skirmish Battle Of The bands

This area has not had a true music contest since the Dorset Music Awards in 2012. A brand new event hosted by Aaron Lowney of “Skirmish Presents” is being hosted by The Winchester Pub in Bournemouth. The event is designed to give a massive shot in the arm for the local music scene with an aim to find a balance between getting exposure and being paid with exposure, which to Aaron seems more like exploitation. The artists have been selected, which includes solos, duos, and bands with a great mix of genres. Skirmish Presents has previously hosted a series of events geared around all things battle! …dance-offs, comedy battles, rap and poetry slams, and now Battle of the Bands! The main aim is to give all the bands that enter much-needed exposure and the eventual winners with get a music video made worth £750.

The events take place on the following dates:

Thursday 18th August : Round 1 – Heat 1
Featuring : SpindleFish, Soulcreek, Manhattan Dragon and Matt Underdown Music

Thursday 25th August : Round 1 – Heat 2
Featuring: The New Flowers Duo, The Surfin’ Birds, Choppers Children and Kung Fu Chicken Fighters

1st September: Round 1 – Heat 3
Featuring: Jack Grace, Harpin’ On, Sirpico and The Underdogs

8th September: Round 1- Heat 4
Featuring: Yui Karlberg, Brothers Grimmer, Bonsai Pirates and Matt JR Hurley

15th September: Round 1- Heat 5
Featuring: Soulhole, Pachango, Matthew Jure and James Seaward

22nd September: Round 1- Heat 6
Featuring: Power Thief, Wikkaman, MSG and Between the Void