Back in 2013 Southern Doom crew hosted their first ever concert at The Anvil. That night Alunah were the headliners and they played a mesmerising set (check it out here) giving the commanding performance that only a band with seven years experience can give. Four years down the line and I think Bournemouth is due another visit from the Birmingham band.

In Solennial, Alunah have delivered an absolute gem of an album. Opening song “The Dying Soil” leads you into the album gracefully and shows off the incredible vocal talents of Sophie Day. “Light Of Winter’s” opening riff gets your heading nodding along to the up-tempo beat but itís when ëFeast Of Torchesí kicks in that the albums jumps to another level. A huge chorus and some great guitar work make it the standout track for me. The album is arguably the best Iíve heard from Alunah and whilst some songs like ëThe Reckoning Of Timeí and ëLughís Assemblyí are for me standard Alunah fare, the opus is elevated to superior levels with outstanding cuts such as “Fire of Thornborough Henge” and “Petrichor” the whole thing is topped off with a cover of The Cureís “A Forest” and the band donít disappoint in putting their own stamp of doom on this classic.


Recorded at the ever popular Skyhammer studio by Conanís Chris Fielding means the production on the album is the usual awesome quality we have come to expect from him.

Alunah’s folk doom might not be everyone’s cup of mead but if you want to stick your headphones on, kick back and imagine you are back in a time when the forests were lush, the sky was clear of aeroplane trails and the air was fresh and didnít reek of petrol fumes, the put this record on and let it transport you away.

Alunah are
Sophie Day ¨- Guitarist/vocalist
Dave Day – Guitarist
Daniel Burchmore – bassist
Drummer Jake Mason

Track Listing
The Dying Soil
Light of Winter
Feast of Torches
The Reckoning of Time
Fire of Thornborough Henge
Lugh’s Assembly
The Forest


Words: Dan O’Gara

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