Canvas, Bournemouth

The Wilderpeople

In the last few months Bournemouth has seen the launch of quite a few new exciting Rock bands: “Erica Drive”, “Black Tree Vultures”, Chris Payn’s “Hightown Parade” and tonight is the first gig of a band new outfit called “The Wilderpeople”. A band put together by local Bournemouth musician Scott Farron who took his time and carefully selected his band to get exactly the right sound. They have just released their debut EP “Another Day” which really impressed, as we stated in our review here.

To start off the evening we have young singer/songwriter Gary Scagell to warm us up gently with a few acoustic tunes. Gary impresses with some nicely delivered original tunes which include “Familiar Times” and an infectious number called “Hand I’ve Helped”, which includes some great lyrical content. He has an easy to listen to voice that easily fills this large room and stimulated some very positive applause for the well-entertained audience.

Gary Scagell
Gary Scagell 1

Next up we have one of Bournemouth’s hotly tipped bands, The Deltorers. A hard working prolific band who have been around for a few years now and seem to be pushing their own boundaries much further than ever before. The three-piece take to the stage and create a big sound generated through Zoot’s hard-hitting sticksmanship, Brenden’s thundering basslines and Nathan’s extreme guitar effects. The band’s Grunge-inspired sound fills this place with ease and within a couple of numbers Nathan has coerced people out of their seats on to the dance floor. The set is full of epic tunes including a few new ones; “Insight” where the vocals powerfully repeat “On the Other Side”, “She Keeps me on My Toes” and a never before played gem called simply “Say Hi”. These three guys have an unrivalled chemistry and at each gig, they are just a sheer joy to watch.

The Deltorers
The Deltorers 12

The Wilderpeople finally take to the stage and the crowd has grown with plenty of people filling the room, to get a view of this much anticipated new band. They kick off fittingly with track one off the new Ep “Let it Out”, the twin guitars light up with their infectious riffs before Adam shows his considerable vocal range, imagine a bit of Nathan James (Iglorious) with a slice of Chris Cornell meets Miles Kennedy and yes the live vocals sound as good as recordings, not only do they have Adam but Scott joins him with some powerfully delivered harmonies.

The Wilderpeople
The Wilderpeople 12345

The band add a couple of covers to their set to mix things up and we are treated to a reworked rocked-up version of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, as well as a spot on version of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant song”. As the 5-piece band begin to stretch their legs they seem to relax and begin to enjoy playing, there are lots of grins and onstage banter which suggests a solid chemistry being formed. Though this is their first gig they all seem incredibly tight and this demonstrates the amount of effort that has been put in before the first gig. With big sounding tunes like the beautiful “Now’s The Time” and the very passionate “September Son”, these guys have taken the first step with a long road ahead of them. With many more gigs planned in the near future I’m sure they will start building s steady momentum and building on this fantastic start.



Words, Pictures & Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).