The Mistakes

Well, it’s been a busy year or two for this Poole-based Punk band but clearly, it’s been time well spent as they unleash this beast of an LP upon us. A year or so in the making and trying out new material in the live arena has paid dividends as they reap the rewards – notably an appearance at this yearís Rebellion Festival.

Well, what about the LP you ask? I will proceed to wax lyrical about this fine body of work. It opens simply with a spoken word intro track before a ferocious explosion of pure Punk Rock adrenaline. Ross (vox) as usual vocalises at 100mph while eschewing a certain anger and bile concurrently. The stretched chords in the bridge are noodly yet straining at the leash before coming to an abrupt end. ‘Underdogs’ begins slowly before returning the pace. A song about social status – again, you the listener will feel the anger in the vocal. Chiming guitar notes in the bridge and an echoey drumbeat amid the overall fast-paced sound.

The Mistakes

“What Are We Doing Here” blatantly thieves a riff from an old song, but who really cares – it’s one of theirs! Big anthemic “woah’s” and more noodling over thrashing drums and another phrenetic beat. At under two minutes it’s a short, sharp shock of a number that really packs a punch. “Seaside Resort Town” has a layered guitar intro and a clear “appraisal” of one’s “home town”. The frustrations of seeing an altogether dying scene played out in song, while looking to the future. It’s personal and honest with a chunkier bridge this time and noodly elsewhere. However, there’s no let-up again as it just gets louder and louder.

“Arguments With Vegans” has a bit of a Glam-stomp intro with a much clearer vocal. There’s good use of spoken word in the background – Ross’s vocal is as passionate as ever, but to the point. And I love the humorous edit at the end, which is a great touch. ‘Dias Los Errores’ is where the ferocious power returns before that vocal kicks in over a Skate/Punk beat. Clear, audible vocals; even in the faster parts of the song – it’s a clear dig at Trump but articulately written. The slow/fast formula comes into play without venturing into Post/HCX territory. This is pure Skate/Punk in its finest form.

“That’s What You Get” has the power of ‘Postcard CV’-era Senseless Things and the sound of “Never Wake Up”-era Sum 41. Furious guitars attempt to keep pace with ferocious hitting; it’s anthemic, fast and loud. The basslines are huge amid this slightly humorous ditty with its reliance on the “na,na,na’s”, while the song feels as if it’s running out of control until the abrupt finish. “Democracy” is a harsh dip into a more political arena, again delivered with great gusto. Chorus “Democracy’s a dirty word” will be sung long and loud I imagine as a set closer in the live arena. Anthemic, bassy, noodly and tight.

The Mistakes

“I Am Jesus” is a brave statement but once more showing their humorous side with clever and witty lyricism. A Ska beat intro with heavy snare, scratchy guitars and strong vocals. That Ska beat returns for the bridge and sticks around until the songs end. “Dead” – angsty, shouty vocals over a clangy guitar with searing chords in the bridge. Another racey little number pulling no punches both lyrically and musically, replete with aggressive cussing and anger. A blast from the past one might say!

“Quitters Get Nothing” – yet more anger in the vocal, harsh and blunt. Another “ode to the system” or a sombre personal appraisal maybe? Great basslines over rat-a-tat drumming with clangy guitars. The complete Punk song! This collection ends with “The Morning After” with its slower, drum-led intro and altogether more melodic sound. That Ska beat makes a welcome return while anthemic again with a stretched chord section to boot. More than anything it’s a song of hope. More noodling to its end and a great fadeout closes the song.

Give these five guys their due; they have made the jump from not just playing local to getting themselves out there and heard, while not forgetting their core home fan base. If this LP is one thing then it is a celebration of a band prepared to put in the hours and reap the benefits. Remember the name cos’ these guys are on the up.

Track Listing
What Are We Doing Here
Seaside Resort Town
Arguments with Vegans
Dias Los Errores
That’s What You Get
I Am Jesus
Quitters Get Nothing
The Mourning After

Band Members
Ross Sutcliffe (Vocals)
Shane Creech (Rhythm Guitar)
James Gould (Lead Guitar)
Richie Blandford (Bass Guitar)
Lewis Willoughby (Drums)




Words by Ross A. Ferrone.

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