Stocks 'n Skins

Bournemouth’s finest exponents of “Beat Poetry” unleash three new songs upon us on their latest musical offering, the “Dizzy Heights” EP.

Lead track “Summer Blue Skies” opens with a simple electronic beat, fast-paced with their now trademark spoken word vocals. There’s an underlying 80’s sounding backbeat in there but the lyrics concentrate on the daily grind, ducking and diving, running amok. The main chorus has a line that talks of “jumping the train” – an ode to one’s past maybe (or present)! It’s a simplistic account of how one might while away those Summer days. The main sample has echoes of New Order but that’s no gripe, more an observation.

“Short Back and Sides” begins with a clicky beat and a broad bassline in the background. Musically much more radio-friendly and lyrically tells the tale(s) of a weekend’s entertainment. The song moves along quite quickly, as does the vocal. It’s a short song (sic) and the fadeout ending is neat.

“15 Sliders” is a song I know well from their live output. Vocally staying in the same vein with a monetary subject matter. The samples are reminiscent of Soft Cell and that whole (early) 80’s synth sound, while the bass midsong makes an appearance (albeit briefly), and again at the end. Once again I’m hearing New Order, while lyrically it’s an ode to one’s “social life” and how to spend those 15 Sliders.

Stocks ‘n Skins are often lumped in with Sleaford Mods and yet their music couldn’t be any further away from the Sleafords style. Clean crisp vocals, matched to carefully thought out sampling and musicianship. They aren’t to everyone’s taste but their constant gigging and time spent in the studio has been time well spent. A fanbase that appears to be growing can only expand and with a little more experimentation and maybe a few tweaks, their trajectory may well take an upward turn.

Band Members
Lyrics, vocals: Ade
Bass, electronics: Rich
Studio recording and mastering: Jason Poole

Artwork: Jack of Arts

Track listing
Summer Blue Skies
Short Back and Sides
15 Sliders


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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