Lady Winwoods Maggot

Formed around the first Triassic period around 200 million years ago, Lady Winwoods Maggot have bobbed and weaved their way away from distinction with the ability to change in the face of adversity; standing up to all manner of obstacles. With founder member Mark Baynes still hanging on to his marbles he has kept this labour of love steaming with new brothers in arms and lots of fresh new hair brain ideas. While buzzing on Gaviscon and copious amounts of good old English “Rosie Lee” the band are about to unleash their 30th release “69 Horses”. The album was recorded partly in Absolute Music in Poole and partly in “Sound on Sound” near Romsey. Mark said it was quite unnerving recording in a studio that contained two full-sized Daleks (One Which Appears on the Album) and Dr Who’s very own Tardis outside. Mark has always been a big fan of The Clash and for inspiration he has gone back to their album “Sandinista”, with the first five songs always being styled in five different genres, but they all sound like they are by Lady Winwood’s Maggot, could this be trickery or could this be talent, only you can decide.

For this album, the band’s line up contains brothers Sid Sidey (Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals) and the ever-smiling Mikey Sidey on drums with the powerhouse of Rob ‘Guns’ Boivin on bass. They have brought in a brass section Harry Bassett (Trumpet), Amy Cullen (Saxophone) and George Stephen (Trombone) affectionately known as the ‘Raging Horns’. There are guest appearances by Johnny Hindle on piano and Keyboards with Bernie Tinsley on pedal steel along with ‘Buck Angel’ the legendary Trans activist doing the intro to the tune “The Buck Angel Breakdown”. He sent the band his part all the way from his home all the way across the Atlantic in Los Angeles. I have always found LWM a bit like a bag of pick ‘n mix sweets, you stick in your hand in and you never really know what you are going to get. There are always plenty of original ideas flying around and this record is no different, there is even an unexpected foray into Disco…..Maggot style!!

Lady Winwoods Maggot

After a fleeting rain-soaked intro, things kick off in style with “Up Jumped The Devil”, a typically Maggot sounding tune, dark, infectious, guitar lead tune with Mark unmistakable gravel rough vocals. “Postcards From The Promised Land” pulls the reigns to steer the tune in a different direction with some country influences while the “The Buck Angel Breakdown” takes you on a customary jig with some toe-tapping fast-paced mandolin. “Firin’ Wild” starts off with some acoustic guitar and then introduces to the delightful brass of the ‘Raging Horns’ which give the tune a bit of a mariachi feel. With a bit of 50’s style surf guitar, the boys get their sarcasm on for “Stars, Bars and Swastikas”, where they take a sardonic look at the current state of world politics. “Sick Of It All” is a Maggot style dig at the perils of social media and reality TV. While “Won’t You Come A Reeling Tonight” introduces us to a little ditty with a distinct Bluegrass/Country feel featuring some lovely banjo, slide and harmonica; with a really catchy chorus.

“69” kicks off with some sounds from the Orient before dashing off at a fair old pace with some rather hectic foot-stomping mandolin that changes pace throughout, before ending with a mystic gong. For “Horses” Mark hands over the vocal duties to the very capable Mike, who shows us what he is made of, with a Country adventure of the equestrian kind with some neatly played slide guitar. Track eleven turns things around again completely with “Dancing With The Black Dog (Again)” which is a diversion into a ska filled tune; reminding me of the Toots Hibbert classic “Monkey Man”, which is by no means coincidental. As if the huge amount of variation and experimentation in this record is not enough the band take a trip back to the 70’s with some disco. Yes, you heard me right: Lady Winwoods Maggot performing Disco; big collars, platform shoes and flares at the ready (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah). The “Raging Horns” really give the tune “Glittering Prize” its melodic backbone while the rhythm section provides it significant beat. I am hearing some Boney M for some reason, but whatever the influences itís a great track and sure to become a live favourite amongst the band’s army of followers. Track 13 is an Epilogue of messages while track 14 is a lovely gentle acoustic tune where Mark shows his lighter side with “Out Of The Woods”, which combines electric and acoustic guitars brilliantly – a song which after a few listens soon became one of my favourites of this collection.

So there you have it: the lowdown of the 30th release by a band from New Milton who are almost legendary across Dorset and Hampshire. Their ability to reinvent themselves, taking a huge amount of influences and a large amount of fun to create something that is listenable and credible. They are a fantastic live band who can bring their live show to any venue and entertain the socks off anyone who is watching……..Long Live Lady Winwoods Maggot and all who perform with her.

Lady Winwoods Maggot

Track Listing
Up Jumped the Devil
Postcards from The Promised Land
The Buck Angel Breakdown
Firin’ Wild
Stars, Bars and Swastikas
Sick of It
Won’t You Come a Reeling Tonight
Dancing With the Black Dog (Again)
Glittering Prize
Out Of the Woods

Lady Winwoods Maggot are…
Mark Baynes: Vocals & Guitars.
Sid Sidey: Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals
Mike Sidey: Drums
Rob “Guns” Boivin: Bass

Guest Musicians…
Johnny Hindle: Piano/Keyboards
Bernie Tinsley: Pedal Steel
The Raging Horns:
Harry Bassett (Trumpet)
Amy Cullen (Saxophone)
George Stephen (Trombone)



Words and Band Picture by David Chinery (Chinners).

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