Helena Mace

Bournemouth based singer/songwriter Helena Mace has released the 4th and final single “Take Me Away” from her yet untitled new album. As is usual with the current music industry we have been teased with the four samples ahead of the full release, which is due in the early part of this year. Helena’s previous album “Chasing Dreams” received rave reviews from the industry, as well as the general public and was a finalist for UK Country radio album of the Year and critically acclaimed worldwide. Her music has featured on SKY TV and the BBC, as well as a large amount of Radio across several countries. Awards, along with plenty of positive praise has flocked her way; she was a finalist for UK Country Radio for four categories this year: Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Country Artist of the Year: plus the Gary Perkins Angel award for her services to music and her hard work even whilst dealing with a benign brain tumour.

Helena Mace

The single was produced locally in Bournemouth by “Nineyards Music” and written together by Helena, along with the Nineyards team of Adrian Withers and Philip Snowden. The tune follows on from the previous release showcasing Helena’s knack of producing a tune that has widespread appeal, which is suitable for all types of radio airplay. It is rather a dreamy number about escape, leaving behind the worry of day to day challenges. Helen says “it takes me to my happy place. I wrote it about when you sometimes feel a bit trapped. My tumour sometimes makes me feel a bit like that but also when someone feels like they would like to get away from a mundane routine or a relationship”. It features some gently delivered piano and guitar work, which creates the perfect backdrop for Helena to weave her magic with her emotive vocal. Keep a close eye on Helana’s social media site as the release date for the new album should be announced in the not too distant future.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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