Live & Unheard

Hangoverhill’s Live & Unheard Returns with it’s new socially distanced version to the Lighthouse Poole on Thursday 8th October

After it’s first successful event outside last month since the pandemic hit, Hangoverhill’s Live & Unheard returns to the Lighthouse for it’s monthly event. This time it has once again moved into the Lighthouse theatre which along with it beautiful acoustics, has plenty of space to provide a more than comfortable socially distance event adhering to all the government’s new rules to help protect us from COVID 19.

This month the all local line up is as follows:

Dave Griffiths & Band
Dave Griffiths has consistently cut his own groove as a performer, songwriter and producer since his first gig at 15 years old in 1999. Starting out with the critically acclaimed rock band, BOSH, for 15 years, Dave then went on to form Chaos Curb Collaboration as well working as a solo artist and producer. He has released two highly-praised albums with this project and is working on album 3. His restless creativity is matched with his love of performing either solo or with his close-knit band of friends, bringing an unpredictable and passionate energy to the stage.

Asha Zee
Asha Zee is a 14 year-old singer-songwriter from Dorset with her sights set on a long and enjoyable career in the music industry. She writes and performs highly emotive songs which have had in excess of 100,000 combined views on Facebook. She entered the Amazon charts with her debut single and has recently been approached by Virgin Records who have asked to hear her demos. Tonight, she is performing with her brand new band line-up for 2020: Callum Tarling on drums, Kieran Simmonds on bass, Harry Reynolds on guitar and Elias Herridge on keys. The age of the band members ranges from just 12 to 15 years old!

Harper & Edwards
This Folk/Rock duo has been entertaining local audiences for the past few years. Their combination of violin and acoustic guitar gives them a very different vibe from other duo’s in the area. Their original material is not heard too often around the pub scene but is worth a listen as their storytelling ability through their songwriting is second to none.

Tickets are just £10 and can be purchased here.


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