Dublin’s genre-bending Greyface releases their bristling new single “Underground Star” on 4th June. After their debut single ‘Yin’ was played on radio stations nationwide the group received plenty of positive press from Irish music & politics magazine Hot Press, interviewing frontman Shaye in the “Hot For 2020 Issue” and describing them as “A force to be reckoned with” after attending a live concert. The four-piece along with backing vocalists presents a hooky anthem with ‘Industrial-inspired’ riffs, boasting lyrics layered in irony and self-deprecation. The band’s philosophy is loosely based on the universal Freudian/Jungian ideas of the inner shadow. Each member of the group names and paints this inner idea most people choose to ignore or reject for its undesirability.

The group refer to their shadow as their “Greyface”, taking these ideas to the stage in a theatrical and explosive way. Through their high-energy performance, the band performs a stylized mix of music branching from hip-hop, to rock/metal, to electronica. The group performs regularly with backing from MCD, having opened for “As It Is” in The Academy Dublin and performing at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.


The new track “Underground Star” is based on a fictional character that personifies the clichéd desires of Rock star celebrity narcissism, critiquing popular culture and humanity’s obsessions with violence, sex, and self-destruction. It’s an anthemic slice of in-your-face modern Rock that shows the band is prepared to push the boundaries of modern Rock music to the absolute limit. With brash vocals coupled with unique guitar effects and hard-hit rhythms, they create an alternative anthem that sticks the middle finger up to all that boring middle-of-the-road Pop/Rock that our radio airwaves are full of. Music is all about the initial creativity and taking a few chances along the way. “Greyface” with their left-field, alternative leanings have a ready-made audience just waiting for a tune like this to adopt as their own. You can just tell by the energy created within the track that they are going to be a live band worth every Euro of the ticket price.

The lineup of “Greyface” consists of:
Shaye – Vocals
Icarus – Guitar
Evra – Bass
Éalú – Drums


Words by David Chinery (Chinners)